Must Have Resources for Homeschool Parents

Due to the pandemic that has swept the globe, it would be advisable to home school your kids as parents. This should not be something that should let you stop schooling your children as it should happen at some point in your career. Learning should never stop as it should only be taken to the next level when you try to think of new ways so that your kids can get interested. Don’t forget to dedicate a certain area in your home that is exclusive to homeschooling. Of course, it should be decorated in a way that kids will think learning is fun. The good news is that there are many resources that you can dive into. Here are some of them:

Khan Academy

What’s awesome about this tool is that it is absolutely free so that you don’t have to worry about downloading something else in your free time. You can just get it in your head that your kids will learn the basics of computer programming and tons of other life skills. At first, it would be a lot for them to observe so don’t forget to make them take several breaks before the actual send-off into the future of who knows what would happen.

Prodigy Math game

Math is never anyone’s favourite subject. However, it can be more fun with the presence of games and you will love how everything would turn out. Kids would suddenly get interested in it and it is even possible your kids would look forward to the next session. These games are quite engaging and nothing will make you happier than seeing the satisfied looks on the faces of your kids. It is indeed a great way to kickstart your kid’s journey into becoming a math master one day.

Real Life at Home

Beieve it or not, this was actually created by mothers who had some sort of vision for their kids. There are plenty of worksheets here and they would want nothing more than to give what is rightfully theirs in terms of excitement. What’s more, you can make it worthwhile to all the people who felt good whenever these things play out for the better. There are quite a few recipes for you to try and it will turn out for the better once you realize that the food you’re going to make is pretty good and kid-friendly. Besides, kids love finger food even though they will run around and burn the calories they ate last meal.

Oak Meadow

This is for independent learners who would want nothing more than to learn in a progressive manner. At first, it would seem quite a bit hard to stay glued to the task at hand. However, as time passes by then you will suddenly realize that it will turn out for the better once your kids start to stay glued to all of the lessons that you present to them. It is important for them not to lose interest and the makers of this lesson plan thought of that way ahead of time.


It is normal to try and find books for your kids to read. Audible has books that contain all types of topics so you would never feel lost at any point in time. In fact, your kids would never get bored especially at a time when you think you have everything mastered. One thing is for sure, reading books will always be fun and Audible will make it extra fun. Books are not only meant to be a pastime but it can also be something that you can use to get ahead of others as you can learn so many things while you are at it.


You’d need to download this app so that your kids would be able to communicate with teachers no matter where they may be. Zoom has gotten tons of criticism over the past few years but you know you only want to make sure everything would be fine. It does its job in terms of group video chat which is a must in the COVID era. It seems like face to face learning won’t be back for a while so this is something you must get your kids to get used to. There are plenty of other options but this one takes the cake in terms of wanting to make a name for yourself in the world of group chats.

Google Drive

Have you ever wondered where you will keep all of your important documents? Google Drive Storage is the answer as it will be pretty much useful in the nick of time. You can even use Google Calendar to schedule things ahead of time as it is pretty normal to forget a few things. The most important part is that you would be able to keep track of your child’s learning progress so that you know what areas need to get improved. After all, we know nobody is perfect and there will always be ways to improve your life no matter how good you think it is right now.

Now that you come across some helpful must have resources for homeschool parents, you will be a bit excited to make your kids learn. It is all about one of them being the joys of being a parent. When the kids grow up to be someone you want them to be, you can owe it all to your excellent skills right from the start. It would go to show how much you appreciate all these things coming together in the first place. You will eventually make it great for your kids. At first, they would have a hard time adjusting to it but that is all part of the challenges that you have been going up against. Your kids still have a long mountain to climb ahead of them and if you can make that road much easier then you will be blessed in more ways than you would have ever imagined.