The Best Homeschool Worksheets and Where to Find Them

Homeschooling functions as a great and comfortable environment for learning to take place. It enables parents to go through the entire curriculum with their children. Parents become accomplished teachers, and children achieve good grades in subjects such as math or science. It is critical for those involved in the homeschool setting to use resources such as diagrams and worksheets to ensure that students are making progress. Currently, you can find numerous online resources related to homeschooling, many of which have been developed by parents who have been active in these communities. The best worksheets for homeschool should be carefully chosen according to the subject matter and grade level to be a useful tool during the lessons. In this case, this article provides the best homeschool worksheets and where you can find them:


Saxon is perhaps the best-known homeschool resource for math. This series includes textbooks, workbooks, and tests, written by John Saxon after he retired from teaching. The books have been around since the early 1960s and were revised in 2008. Saxon uses a mastery approach to build on previous lessons until all concepts are eventually covered. Instead of covering a broad array of material at once, this approach ensures that students can understand what they are learning. The Saxon OMB scores very highly in student satisfaction, with most children feeling challenged but still capable of completing the work successfully. There is also a strong homeschool support community around this resource.

You can find Saxon Math here


Horizons K-12 has been designed for grades 6 through 12 and offers information about the core subjects students learn in school: math, science, English language arts, and social studies. The curriculum includes printable materials (such as worksheets) and web-based interactive tools (online activities). Horizons provides educators with the tools needed to create a customized program for each student.

There are also different proficiency levels within each subject area, allowing you to follow your child’s learning needs more accurately. The product helps homeschooling parents stay on top of their children’s education by encouraging regular progress reporting.

You can find Horizons here


RightStart Math is an online math school specially designed for students in grades K-5 who are being homeschooled. Like the other three products mentioned above, this resource offers printable materials and web-based activities where students can explore concepts through games and videos before they are taught how to solve problems through worksheets or textbooks. The curriculum incorporates problem-solving skills at every level and drills in the basics of arithmetic.

RightStart provides a personalized learning experience for each student, allowing them to progress at their own pace. Students also receive regular progress reports so parents can check how they are doing in school.

RightStart Math is here


The Well Trained Mind is an online homeschool resource that provides ideas about lesson plans and plans for daily activities through its blog, email newsletter, and website. However, it does not provide printable worksheets or web-based activities for students or teachers. Instead, it offers suggestions on how to plan your lessons yourself depending on how old your children are (preschooler primary school child.) That allows you to personalize the curriculum according to your family’s standards and budget.

You can find The Well Trained Mind here


Monster Reading is a new online reading program for kids in primary school (ages 5-7). The site includes games, videos, and printable materials such as phonics worksheets and mini books that teach kids how to read. The website claims that students master basic skills in only 10 minutes a day, which makes this an easy resource for busy homeschool parents who want the best possible education in the shortest time possible for their children.

Teach Your Monster to Read can be found here


This website is great because there are many different lessons to choose from. There are videos, worksheets, quizzes, PowerPoint presentations, and even exams. All these come in different subjects such as English Language Arts, Science, Maths and Social Studies. That makes it easy for everyone to find what they need. The benefit of choosing this website is that the lessons are in color, keeping things interesting for your child. When they have to stay at home by themselves for a few hours, homeschool worksheets will help pass time, but they will also be learning valuable skills without even knowing.

You can find this worksheet here


This website has over 400 printable worksheets sorted into their appropriate grade level according to what year in school your child is currently in. Using this website, you can choose different subjects such as Language Arts, Science or Social Studies and then print out whatever you need.

You can find this worksheet here


This sheet is just one of the hundreds available to use for free on this website, making it easy to give your child a fun and educational experience without investing in expensive textbooks or workbooks that may not contain what you need anyway. This sheet teaches students to subtract numbers up to nine from larger numbers. However, if your children struggle with these concepts, you could always adapt the sheet by asking them to use different numbers during each lesson until they master subtraction facts for all ten numbers (after which you can remove any reference to the number five). This website also has worksheets for multiplication, division, fractions, and many other topics that you can use with your child to give them a fun and educational homeschool experience.

You can fins this worksheet here

Homeschooling is the best way to provide children with their education. Parents are allowed to teach their kids in a manner that they feel comfortable with and take each child’s different learning style into account when giving lessons, which they can’t do in public school. If you have been looking everywhere for some good homeschool worksheets but haven’t succeeded yet, this list of the eight best websites where you will find free printable homeschool worksheets will surely help you out.